Welcome to the Online Tour

Welcome to the online tour and prototype of SUM. In this video series, you will get to know SUM and our prototype! Throughout the prototype, you’ll find 13 QR codes. By scanning these QR codes, you will be taken on a journey through our prototype design.

The Netherlands is facing two large goals: becoming energy-neutral in 2050, and adding 1 million homes to the existing building stock by 2030. In order to achieve these goals, many post-war tenement flats are being demolished. SUM argues that with renovation and addition, a more sustainable and symbiotic renewal process should be possible that doesn’t let materials go to waste, and rather create a future by harnessing the past. Therefore, the prototype you’re standing in front of showcases a renovation and densification plan for 847,000 underperforming tenement flats in the Netherlands, which represent 11% of the total housing stock. 

If you walk through our prototype, you will find 5 main aspects of SUM’s design: A public, interactive ground floor that enhances the feeling of community, where you are able to get to know other visitors and neighbours. A Circulation core with technical and social spaces. It improves accessibility for all residents and invites people to meet each other and build a stronger relationship. There is a Gallery for accessibility and spontaneous social interaction, where people can stop and have a conversation with each other. Prefab top-up apartments to densify the neighbourhood and expand the range of housing types in the building. Energy productive roof and facade to provide the building with electricity and heat.

This prototype is a first step of that journey, in which SUM envisions a future that fosters sustainable-living habits and symbiotic relationships with their neighbours, environment, and local ecosystems. So let’s continue our journey and explore the prototype.