The Living Street

Our tour starts on the prototype deck which is completely made from reused wood, and it resembles our post-war urban environment. The northern half of the deck represents the urban streetscape and the southern part of the deck represents the building courtyards and the neighbourhood design. The streetscape showcases the connection between the redeveloped living street to the community rooms of the prototype. The open street design and the shelter of the gallery of the first floor attract people to enter and visit the Makerspace and Community Centre. Here, residents can socialize and learn about sustainable habits.

As mentioned before, the northern deck also showcases how the traditional Dutch car-based streetscape can and should be transformed into living streets for cyclists and pedestrians, where cars and service vehicles are a guest. We do this by providing outdoor parking for bicycles on the northeastern side of the deck, additional storage spaces, and a charging point will be provided where an electric cargo-bike will be parked and charged. 

This exemplary eco-mobility hub illustrates the cargo-bike sharing concept and the public charging concepts that are part of our urban mobility strategy. You will be able to experience the comfort and ease of this typically Dutch type of eco-mobility. During the competition, the cargo bike will be used to partake in the urban mobility contests on the Solar Campus in Wuppertal. Ultimately creating a transition from a car-dependent streetscape toward a social breeding ground for all.

Ready to explore the rest of the prototype? In the next video, we will tell you more about the ground floor of the prototype!