Construction of our prototype in the Green Village!

With the summer officially behind us, SUM is looking forward to an invigorating year and is therefore excited to announce that the house demonstration unit will be build right on the campus of the TU Delft! The prototype will be constructed in the Green Village, a part of the campus fully dedicated to sustainable innovation in the urban domain. In between the prototypes of earlier SDE participants from the TU Delft, like MOR and Prêt-à-Longer, SUM starts construction in the upcoming month to eventually open up the prototype to visitors.

Photo credits: TU Delft

We start building at the Jan Snel factory!

While materials in preparation for construction of the prototype were ordered over the summer, construction officially kicks off in the upcoming week in the factory of Jan Snel! Together with Jan Snel, members of SUM will prepare materials for the construction on site in the Green Village. An exciting time for the team as months of planning and hard work are starting to pay off into the opportunity to share SUM's visions and ideas through the prototype.

We have developed a lean plan together with our partners!

Together with all the main partners, SUM has been hosting lean planning sessions to make sure that all the different components for the HDU come together into a successful construction period. A clear planning will help the team to stay on track for the competition in Wuppertal, and is therefore an essential part of the construction period ahead.

Visiting the SDE campus in Wuppertal!‍

By invitation of the organisation of the Solar Decathlon Europe, members of SUM visited the SDE campus and got to know Wuppertal! They had the opportunity to present their ideas and learn about the prototypes and designs of the other competing teams. An exciting occasion to check out the competition, but mostly to learn from each other! SDE also organised a number of workshops and an exhibition which displays the models of both the prototype and the building design.