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Discover the design of our 1:1 prototype we are going to build in Wuppertal!

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There is an urgent need for humans to return to nature, to its simplicity, and reconnect with it. SUM wants to create a new environment where humans, plants, and animals all flourish, an environment where each of the groups benefits from the presence of the other. This is what we call: Symbiosis.

SUM is a student team of the TU Delft, with over 50 students taking part in the Solar Decathlon Europe competition. They are the successors of the teams MOR and Pret-a-Loger who have taken part in the previous editions of this international competition. As a team, SUM is working on a sustainable renovation strategy of tenement flats, or in Dutch, portiekflat.

During this event, the team will present the design for the 1:1 prototype to be built and taken to the Solar Decathlon Europe competition. The main themes of this design are Modularity, Circularity, Flexibility, Affordability and Social Impact. Our design will be presented through drawings, renders and drone shots. We look forward to seeing you at our event! Join us on the 26th of May 2022, at 16:00.

Let’s build a symbiotic future!

Meet SUM speakers!

Zsa-Zsa Brouwers

SUM - Communication & Branding

Annemiek Braunius

SUM - Strategies & Operations

Annam Irfan

SUM - Site & Social

Eleonora Farcomeni

SUM - Interior

Hannah Wehrle

SUM - Interior

Arne Boenders

SUM - Systems

Dawn Verkerk

SUM - Site & Social

What are we talking about?

Let's build a symbiotic future together

We believe in the collective power of communities; we are the Symbiotic Urban Movement. Symbiosis within our plan is seen through 6 main aspects of our building design.

Why are we building a prototype?

Why are we building a prototype? SUM is competing in the Solar Decathlon Europe competition, where the team will be judged on the theoretical design and the practical prototype.

Dual Urban Design

Our site consists of two decks. One side shows how a traditional Dutch street can be transformed, while the other side simulates the courtyard side of our case study building in The Hague.

Making our prototype demountable

Due to the team having to build in only two weeks on location, we had to make some rigorous decisions in regards to both our structure, as well as the envelope of our prototype.

Social interaction and inventiveness

SUM’s prototype promotes social interaction and inventiveness, which can be explored during the competition. During our time in The Hague and Wuppertal this will be the place to be! 

A range of innovative climate systems

In order to create a comfortable indoor environment the prototype features a range of innovative climate systems. These systems follow our concept of symbiosis, in which the different parts have mutually beneficial relationships with each other.

A digital platform which connects

To encourage residents to live sustainably, SUM is also developing a digital living platform. This platform will help people in developing sustainable habits, but also to get to know their neighbours more.

See you in Wuppertal?

We’re starting construction of the prototype by the end of the summer and hope to see you either in The Hague or Wuppertal to see our design in real life.

What's happening behind the scenes?

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A net-positive renovation strategy for 847,000 post-war tenement flats