Become part of the Symbiotic Urban Movement and let's build a sustainable future together!

Meet our sustainable partners

Daiwa House Modular EuropeGemeente Den HaagTU DelftSmits VastgoedzorgDe Groot & Visser

Why collaborate with us?

By supporting SUM, you will be at the forefront of the adventure to change the Dutch housing market by renovating old tenement flats and transforming them in modular and affordable housing!

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Get prominent exposure!

There are some great exposure and recognition opportunities available through SUM and the Solar Decathlon Europe Competition! This internationally acclaimed competition brings together high-profile institutions, companies, and members of the public and private sectors during this one-of-a-kind event.


At the forefront of building innovation

By joining SUM's effort to future-proof tomorrow’s built environment, you are directly contributing to establishing the foundation for the next generation of cities. From the integration of advanced technologies, to the use of prefabrication construction methods or the net-positive objectives of the proposal, SUM places itself at the front seat of building innovation.


Encourage experiential student learning

The Solar Decathlon Europe competition offers an extraordinary learning opportunity for a real world and international experience that addresses critical social, cultural, economical and environmental challenges faced by the built environment. Hands-on training and building for students is supported by professionals and industry partners in addition to faculty mentorship.